Profile of Andrew Ross

Profile of Andrew Ross

Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross - Edit My Life

Andrew has been involved with Broadcasting for over 35 years, working Network TEN, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Foxtel. He has won awards at Promax for sound editing and video animation. He was selected to travel to Seoul Korea for the 1988 Olympics, then to Perth for the 1993 World Swimming Championships, and recently selected to work as a story editor at the 2012 London Olympic Games and worked on ‘flagship’ programs including “Four Corners”, “Media Watch”, “The Investigators”, “Australia’s Next Top Model”, “The Hub”, “Rockstar Supernova”.

Andrew has an extensive background in Broadcast and Subscription Television, both as an operator and manager. He carefully blends the technical and Public Relations skills to make each client feel very confident and comfortable with Andrew’s ability to make the best product.

London 2012 Olympics

Chosen to work in London for the 2012 Olympic Games as an editor, Andrew possesses that rare combination of both technical skill and creative aptitude. He has a keen eye for detail, highly knowledgeable and client focused. Andrew has the ability to calmly deliver a polished product on time and to budget. He co-led a team of 12 for 28 days, 24/7 to create stories for 8 HD channels providing 3400 hours of Television.

Andrew moved on to commence training 190+ staff the fundamentals of Broadcast Television so that staff could be taught the same information, rather than the ‘photocopy of a photocopy’ type of training. He was also able to remove the Urban Myths that had become common and pass on his expertise and knowledge of the industry.

Working for a Church

Andrew became bi-vocational and worked 4 days a week in the Church while maintaining the training function at Foxtel. Looking after a team of 60+ as the Worship Pastor, Andrew co-led the Church of approx. 500 as the Assistant Pastor. Organising and playing music each week, hosting the services or giving the message, Andrew has the ability to calmly handle the high stress environment of dealing with large groups or teams under time pressure, proving he is flexible and adaptable to all types of work styles.

Andrew is a team-member maximiser, ensuring he draws out the potential of each of his colleagues to help them excel. He is a supportive, service orientated person and displays integrity in his leadership of others.

People find him professional, reliable and calm with a courteous, enthusiastic and patient style. He brings expertise with exceptional experience to get the job done within deadline and budget for every job. His positive outlook, helpful and considerate style to both clients and staff means he ensures the highest results and outcomes for the high demands of the client’s expectations in today’s competitive editing environment.

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