What’s the timeframe involved with producing a Video?

Once you provide Edit My Life with all the required material including …

  • Photos (hard copy or digital/soft copy)
  • Any Videos
  • Your choice of Music
  • Text details describing special photos to be included in the video

then we can provide you directly with the finished product within 48 hours.

How do I get started creating a Video for my family/friends with Edit My Life?


1) Photos/Videos

To help you with getting started on preparing a Tribute Video, first, you need to collect the photos and videos that you would like included. If they are ‘hard copy’ photos, they will need to be scanned (Edit My Life can do that for you if you can’t). Then you can send a USB containing all the photos and videos to us by mail, or we can arrange a meeting to hand over the photos, videos and/or USB.

Then you need to decide if there is a particular order you would like the photos to appear – either in chronological order or just random order. Most people seem to choose a random order.

2) Music

Secondly, choosing a musical track for your keepsake video. Is there a particular music track that you would prefer, something meaningful, or something that is special to you and your family? Maybe there are 2 tracks that you would like. If not, Edit My Life can provide some elegant music to accompany your customised video.

3) Call Edit My Life

Lastly, call Edit My Life and we will provide you with a memory that you can keep and watch whenever you want.