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The highlights of a loved one's lifetime. The highlights of an important event. I'll transform them into an artistic keepsake that you'll treasure always.
Edit My Life Funeral Videos
Andrew Ross
Founder, Edit My Life

A Funeral Slideshow (also known as Funeral Video or Tribute Video) can be a beautiful, lasting tribute to a loved one.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to own a permanent record that features the life of someone you hold dear? Simply provide us with old & new photos, video, newspaper clippings, etc. and Edit My Life will turn them into a touching visual montage on DVD complete with a musical soundtrack.

Why rely on your memory of that birthday party or graduation ceremony? You can have it forever on a customised DVD/USB when you contact me. Learn more…

For over 30 years I've edited video on a professional level.

On the side, I would also create video montages for friends, usually as a tribute to a deceased loved one but sometimes to commemorate an event like a graduation.

I finally realised how much more satisfying it was to create those personal videos than to edit videos for companies. So I decided to start doing it professionally. Learn more…

I have had the privilege of having Andrew work with quite a number of the families, that we have helped over the past few years. His ability to transform a pile of photos into a beautiful presentation is second to none, and the peace of mind for both the family, not having to spend hours scanning and try to put the PowerPoint together, and for us as funeral directors, not having the stress of wondering whether it will work when the time comes to play it during the service is great. Families have enough stress with losing a loved one and the more we can do to help at this time the better, so using Edit My Life is one good way of achieving this.