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Andrew Ross

Andrew Ross – Edit My Life

I began Edit My Life for a very simple reason – emotional and spiritual satisfactions have grown ever more important to me.

You see, for the last three decades, I’ve been fortunate to work for Channel TEN, Foxtel, EndemolShine and Warner Bros. I’ve been given leadership responsibilities, and I’ve won awards. (If you are interested in specific credentials, please click here.)

“I find true joy in creating videos that touch people’s hearts.”

Andrew Ross

But nothing compares to making a personal connection.

I’ve created a number of video tributes over the years on behalf of friends and relatives on an informal basis. Each video was received very warmly, sometimes even with moist eyes. Knowing that I’ve helped them preserve their memories of loved ones is a joy beyond words.

I also thoroughly enjoy the process of combining images and music artistically, and I take great pride in the final result. So I decided to create a company entirely devoted to customising these kinds of videos for people.

Even though I don’t know you yet, I’ll bring the same devotion to your project.

I invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience. I’d love the opportunity to utilise my experience and skills on your behalf. So contact us and together we can create a lasting memory for you.