5 Ideas on How To Be Grateful in a 2020 Christmas COVID World

5 Ideas on How To Be Grateful in a 2020 Christmas COVID World

Edit My Life Family ChristmasAs humans, many of us focus on the negative things around us. With the 2020 Christmas looking like many families won’t be able to be with each other because of “lockdown” measures worldwide, Australian Prime Scott Morrison Minister says “Every Christmas is a time to be thankful and while there are frustrations and disappointing disruptions, in Australia we have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to be grateful for”, so here are 5 ideas on how to be grateful in a 2020 Christmas COVID World.

  1. Be grateful for all the Health Workers in the world who have worked hard in 2020 caring for the millions of people that have contracted COVID-19. They continue to strive to keep the virus at bay and care for those that have it.
  2. Be grateful for the new ways we have learnt how to communicate with each other. 2020 may be known as a “Virtual Christmas” for many families as we use online technology.
  3. Be grateful for being alive and breathing on your own, for having arms and legs, for having a roof over your head. No matter how bad your health may be, there is always going to be somebody worse off than you.
  4. Be grateful for your family and friends. Let them all know how important they are to you and how glad you have them in your life.
  5. Be grateful that Christmas 2020 is not actually cancelled, it’s just going to look different. You may have to open the gifts you have for a loved one via an online video call. You can have Christmas meal at the same time via the same online video call.

When we all look back on this very different Christmas in years to come, may we all talk about the good memories that we have from it and how we had to adapt to the challenges given to us all.

Edit My Life wishes you all a VERY HAPPY Christmas and positive 2021.

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